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Hailing from the mean streets of suburban Connecticut, Jonathan Mason is a Nashville bassist and collaborator who brings a straight-ahead sensibility to his playing -- all in service of the song .  He is equally at home holding down the groove or adding in those signature melodic moments that help a song pop.  Comfy in the musical realms of indie rock, alternative, rock, Americana, and alt-country, Jonathan brings extensive studio and stage experience, as well as a supportive mindset to the table.  


Jonathan is the bassist for Red River Hymn and is available for session work. 

Please contact for more information.

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Want to learn more about Jonathan, his playing experience, availability for session work, etc?

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Jonathan's groove is undeniable. He brings in his own melodic voice and seamlessly pairs it with each song. To add, he is easy going, coachable, and never fails to have the best attitude in the room.  


Jonathan is a special kind of bassist. He is the kind that doesn’t just play his part, but elevates the song to levels unthinkable. He has a keen ear and a true enthusiasm to groove and tone that separates him from your run of the mill studio player. His playing comes from the heart which is synonymous with the personality behind it. Rarely do you find someone who puts himself into the songs like he does and for that, I believe, he is one of the best around. 

PATTON HUGHES -  - Red River Hymn -- Nashville, TN

Working with Jonathan is a massive addition to the quality of my music. His contributions to every project go well beyond impeccable bass parts that always enhance the track (and he always brings those goods). But I can also rely on his arrangement and songwriting expertise, which have consistently improved my projects. Many times I've gone back and added new parts to build off what he's done, always to the betterment of the tune. Best of all, you will not find a better collaborator. He is patient, knowledgeable, and so easy to work with; can't recommend him enough. 

JOE VALLINA - Heavy Editors/Battleship Battleship -- Washington, D.C.

I have recorded a few times with Jonathan, and he is always great to work with! He is a great player, is always professional, and does a great job adding to the feel of the song.


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